Firewinder one ups lawn gnomes, turns wind into lights

Sure, lawn gnome and pink flamingos may be a staple of any tacky yard, but it's time to move into the 21st century of lawn decorations and one way is with the Firewinder. Firewinder is a decorative wind-powered light. It is designed to either hang from a fixture or be planted in a lawn. Firewinder uses the wind to create energy that, in turn, illuminates the Firewinder. As the wind gets faster it will spin the spiral faster and display more and more lights. Wind speeds as low as 3 mph is all that is required to get the Firewinder spinning and producing a light. It uses 14 bright LEDs for the illumination and is made mostly by recyclable materials. The Firewinder is currently available for pre-order for $200 and includes ones unit as well as mounting brackets. Click through to see a video of the it in action.

Firewinder, via ShinyShiny