Façade Vase turns plastic bottle into legitimate decoration

The same firm that brought us the Waxpod has another, perhaps more practical design, the Façade vase. The designers ask of consumers: "Do we really need a beautiful vase, or do we only need a beautiful facade for the vase?" They've created that façade so that you'll never need to buy a vase again: it's basically an industrial wool felt condom to cover your standard-issue plastic water bottle.

It's a great idea, with one serious flaw: the water bottle for which the skin is designed may not exist much longer. Already, Nestle-owned water labels Poland Springs and Deer Park have changed their half-liter bottles to a more bulbous but environmentally-friendly shape that uses less plastic. And trendy bottled waters like Fiji and Fred won't work with the Façade either. Perhaps the designers should have shaped the felt for a more reliable mold: wine and beer bottles aren't going anywhere. Yet.

GreenHouse Effect