EZ Commander remote revives an age-old peripheral

I would like to be the first to welcome the trackball, yes the trackball, back to the world. The trackball has been revived thanks to the EZ Commander, a remote control that makes excellent use of this dying peripheral. The EZ Commander remote has a small and simple trackball right in its center so it can work with computer-based media centers. This could be a great convenience rather than awkwardly using a mouse on your couch or coffee table.

The EZ Commander also includes all of the standard remote control buttons. It includes support for Windows Media Center. Not only is it a mouse substitute for your media center, but a keyboard substitute as well because the standard number keypad operates similar to T9 messaging on a cellphone. An integrated laser pointer makes this remote good for presentations as well. The EZ Commander remote is available now for $80.

EZ Commander Trackball Remote, via Gadgettastic