Eclipse AVN2210p car stereo/navigator features a little GPS papoose for jaunts on foot

We’ve tested all kinds of GPS devices, but this Eclipse AVN2210p comes closest to the perfect navigator and car radio. Besides being a full-featured car stereo with its iPod integration (with remote control), hands-free Bluetooth phone calling, and mp3 support, its Tom Tom GPS navigation device is easily removed (by you or thieves) when you’re hoofing it through a city or along a country trail.

Perfect? Well, almost. We’d like to see a bigger screen on that Tom Tom and a slot for an SD card full of music or audio book files, but hey, you can’t have everything. If you have a four-inch opening in your car that’s just begging for an entertainment center to be inserted, look for the AVN2210p to sell for a penny shy of $600 when it's in stock on March 24th.

Eclipse, via Oh Gizmo