DVICE TV: Can a bike/elliptical-trainer hybrid be better than both?

What do you get when you cross a bicycle with a elliptical trainer? That would be the Randy Ross stepper, a vehicle that looks like a bike at first glance, but has some notable — and useful — differences. The first is there's no seat, meaning you're always standing and working out while you're on it. Then you notice the steps where the pedals should be. Those simulate the motion of an elliptical trainer, letting you select the intensity of your workout by moving your feet farther back. But it's got a big advantage over those ellipticals since, well, it actually takes you places.

But is really better than cycling? With a promise that she could master the Stepper in five minutes, Vanessa bravely took this strange vehicular hybrid for a spin in Central Park. The verdict: It really is easy to master, and the speed is decent, too. But you may have to endure a few funny looks from cyclists. Check out the fast-moving review in the video above.