Drive a flying car that looks like you built it yourself

This is the Milner AirCar. It's a "flying car" that's really just an airplane that can be driven around on the ground, and it looks like it was constructed in the back yard of a mad scientist. It costs about $450,000, which is insane enough, but it's also clearly lacking some important things in any home-built flying car.

Where are the racing stripes? And the crazy decals? This is clearly homemade, so why not add some personality? You could toss in some more extraneous propellers and fans for fun, and maybe some of those rims that spin independent of the wheel, those would be nice. Bucket seats would also make for some style, and I'd like to think there's a banging sub in the trunk. This is your flying car/deathtrap, after all. You might as well make it stand out as such.

Far East Gizmos, via Ubergizmo