D/A Clock mixes precision craftsmanship, space and time

Designer Alvin Aronson, a student at the Rhode Island School of Design, created a unique clock that we’d really like to see right here in our own abode. Made of wood and Dupont Corian (a material usually used for countertops), each minute there's a different combination of segments rising up, giving you the time in three dimensions. Starting out as digital time data, it’s translated into mechanical movement and then displayed in digital-looking form. One more transformation, and we’re going to start looking for space/time-continuum rips.


We’d like to see a clock like this incorporated seamlessly into a countertop as a kitchen timer, or maybe a waterproof version jutting out of a custom Corian shower. Or hey, carve it out of material to match your kitchen surfaces, in granite or even Dupont’s Zodiaq countertop surface made of quartz. Either way, its precision craftsmanship and presentation of the time of day in stunning relief really has our clock-jones mojo working overtime. Hit Continue to see a video of Aronson's creation in action.

RISD, via technabob