Cyberdesk: Virtual office wherever you need it

OK, the Cyberdesk isn't really a desk — that's clear enough. The misleading name aside, it's a pretty wild piece of concept bling from the minds at Krohn Design, who asked, "Why not overlap the real and the virtual?" The bulbous piece of headgear looks more like medical gear from the future, with a bizarre necklace and a vaguely creepy curved tube in front of the eye.

The tube is the coolest thing about the Cyberdesk, though: Its function is to put a screen in front of your face where there is one. How does it do that? By projecting a laser through your pupil onto your retina, essentially creating a virtual heads-up display. Sounds, uh, blindingly brilliant. Presumably those crazy buttons on the necklace-thing serve as your keyboard and mouse. Or maybe those are virtual, too — who knows when you're dealing with concept devices? Definitely looks cool, though.

Via Krohn Design