Cup PC concept is a bit too high-tech

Sure, we're all about the futuristic designs around these parts, but the Cup PC concept take futuristic design to a completely new level. This idea takes the average PC and tries to make it as simple as drinking a cup of tea. It does so by actually integrating the PC into what seems to be a simple ceramic cup, but it is far beyond simple. The cub contains a holographic projector and serves as the main interface of the Cup PC. It uses other types of interactivity like stacking cups to share data, pouring data and other very farfetched features.

I spill my coffee and tea as much as the next guy, but I don't want to be encouraged to do so with ideas like the Cup PC. Come on, designers. I know the Wii and iPhone took the world by storm, but this is pretty far out there. How about some baby steps, first?

Via Gizmowatch