Consumption Feedback Switch nags you into saving energy

Here’s another guilt-trip device to remind you of how much power you’re sucking up. This one’s called the Consumption Feedback Switch, and it scares you with a spark that corresponds to the amount of energy it’s consumed. Rarely use that light? A delicate sparkle emits from the switch when you turn it on. Running a light show that illuminates the whole neighborhood? Expect a big, annoying spark.

Like that glowing red outlet we showed you last week, this idea reminds us of a dog trainer. When teaching the animals to obey, a bit of negative feedback is supposed to go a long way. But then, aren’t we more than dogs? Can’t we just be mindful of our energy usage without being nagged every time we reach for a light switch? If we could just find some decent alternative sources of energy, none of this nanny-state niggling would be necessary.

EcoFriend, via Unplggd