Comcast stomping HDTV signals to fit three channels into the space of two

No sooner had Comcast relented on its BitTorrent spoofing scandal than we see the cable company cutting corners elsewhere, now compressing HDTV shows so much that blocky noise is plainly visible on most of its HDTV channels. Trying to compete against rival services with more channels, Comcast is doing this to shoehorn three HD channels into a space occupied by two just a few weeks ago.

The eagle eyes at AV Science Forum compared Comcast HDTV images with the same frames received over competing video service Verizon FiOS, and demonstrated a readily apparent drop in quality of the Comcast signal over the past few weeks. Apparently Comcast hopes none of its viewers will notice the reduced picture quality, and will be more impressed with the increased quantity of HD channels.

We’re wondering if Time Warner isn’t compressing its signals a bit more, too, because when watching the CBS coverage of March Madness basketball last weekend, we noticed a lot of suspiciously grainy-looking HDTV. So is HDTV picture quality going the way of cell phone sound — with cheapskate companies stomping down the quality as much as they can get away with? Anyone else notice this? Follow the link below for more damning evidence.

via AV Science Forum