Claustrophobia, anyone? Enjoy the summer in a Rotating Sphere Lounger

One easy way to avoid the nuisances of summer — like the rain, bugs and annoying neighbors — is with the Rotating Sphere Lounger. This is a spherical lounger that sits outside, can rotate and encloses in the individuals to enjoy uninterrupted fun in the faux outdoors. The rotating lounger is constructed of treated pine is is large enough for a circular seating bench as well as a center table — great for games of pinochle or maybe drinking games if you are feeling extra adventurous.

Most important, the sphere keeps out the nastiness known as the outdoors! The entire sphere sits on a ball-bearing track and can manually rotate, but something as simple as a ball-bearing track is just asking to be automated, which could easily be done. And for $13,000, one would expect for this lounging sphere to be automated.

Rotating Sphere Lounger, via Techfresh