Cellink T Swivel USB Stick is a lot of convergence in a tiny package

The Cellink T is a tiny device capable of doing a lot. This may appear like an ordinary flash drive, but it includes a MicroSD card reader and charging capabilities for cellphones. In the standard mode the USB connector slides out like regular flash drives and can provide portable storage, but the magic happens when it swivels.

Swiveling the Cellink T reveals the charging capabilities of the Cellink T. It also has a MicroSD card reader. So essentially, this is the MacGyver tool of the average cellphone user—charging, data transfer and portable storage. You know, MacGyver probably doesn't even use a cellphone. I would imagine that he would just rig one up out of a shoe, paperclips and a 9-volt battery if the situation were to occur that he would need to call someone.