C-Bot scales buildings like a lizard, peeks at its cracks

The C-Bot, by designer Niklas Galler, is a clever way to check a building's structural integrity and perform other vertical tasks. Taking a page from geckos and other wall-climbing lizards, the C-Bot's footpads are covered by tiny nano-hairs that act imperceptibly as adhesive to whatever surface it's climbing on to give it some grip. Then, with a sensor emitting ultrasonic rays, the C-Bot scans for all manner of defects, from rust to mildew.

Sounds pretty groovy, right? Let's see where we're at in making the C-Bot a reality. Step one: Design awesome robot. Step two: Uh... Hmm... Step three: Have newly built robots deployed all over the city.

Damn you, meddling second step. Foiled again!

Niklas Galler, via Yanko Design