Cardboard box house of the future not as bad as it sounds

We’re sold on cardboard. We’ve seen it used to build sturdy cribs, an iPod boombox amplifier, and someone even made cardboard blocks that look like building materials for a castle. We just never envisioned a future where we’d all be living in glorified cardboard boxes.

But no, we’re not all turning into bag ladies. This design takes advantage of cardboard’s light weight, low cost and easy recyclability. In fact, 85% of it is made of recycled paper, and 100% of it can be recycled again later.

This sucker’s strong, too, and waterproof. The kit can be built by two people in an afternoon, and its materials are light and small enough to be transported to the building site in a light truck. The kicker? You can get a it today for $32,204, build it this afternoon and live in it tomorrow. Just don’t tell your mom you’re living in a cardboard box.

Via House of the Future