Canouflage helps you sneak beer places where people can't read

There are so many places that you can't bring your own beer: stadiums, movie theaters, and public beaches, for example. What a drag! No longer. From now on you can hide your beer cans in Canouflage, re-usable can wraps that make your Coors look like a Pepsi (or Peski). The wraps are re-usable and cost $6 for 4. Beer will never leave your side again! Just make sure that your rowdy and drunken behavior doesn't give you away.

This would be more convincing if only the soda names Canouflage came up with weren't so gross. Sunkpiss? Mountain Spew? It's enough to make even the beer inside seem unappetizing. It's almost as if the company didn't want its excellent concept to be taken seriously…

Canouflage, via Uncrate