CallMe Prism-I, your highway hookup helper

It’s really easy to hook up with members of the opposite sex on the highway, isn’t it? Just use the handy suction cups to stick your CallMe Prism-I to the inside of your car window, displaying your phone number for all to see. Your cell phone will be ringing in no time flat. Of course, you’ll have to play the law of averages here, because it’ll probably take a few thousand attempts to finally convince someone to call, and that one hit might contain more expletives than you care to hear.

We’re not entirely sure why this $26 device can store ten phone numbers, but its solar power will keep those digits on display for a long, long time. It even lights up at night in your choice of blue or green, demonstrating your own personal style to all passersby. We can certainly think of better ways to connect with others, but you gotta give it points for originality. CallMe Prism-I? Okay, you’re Prism-I.

Funshop, via Nexus404