But-On Koncept: the top-loading microwave

The But-On Koncept is the microwave design of the future. It's an overly simple and colorful microwave. The entire design come from fancy artist talk about simplicity, but in all reality I just like how the microwave is top-loading. I'm trying to dig deep into my young mind to try and remember if a top-loading microwave has ever been made and I can't recall.

The microwave includes the standard features like temperature control, a timer and removable inner lining that makes cleaning easy. Even though front-loading microwaves are likely more efficient and easier to operate on tall kitchen counter tops, the idea of a top loading microwave is one that cannot be reckoned with. It would also be a heck of a lot easier to watch Peeps expand and eventually blow up from above.

But-On Koncept, via The Design Blog