Box Fab's iPhone virtual reality kit lets you avoid living in the real world

Apple's long anticipated Software Development Kit (SDK) has spawned a bunch of nifty ideas for third party iPhone applications, but inevitably we are now seeing a few whacko ideas popping up. My favorite so far is Box Fab's 3D virtual reality headset, which turns your iPhone into a 3D VR display that dangles right in front of your face, using internal accelerometers to reposition the virtual world as you move around. They have even proposed networking the VR space with other users. I can see this being a big hit at the next national Star Trek convention, with everyone pretending to be Geordi La Forge while wandering around a virtual USS Enterprise.

Right now the iPhone VR kit seems to be little more than an artist's rendering, but Box Fab says the kit will sell for $200 when introduced. I'll believe that when I see it.

Box Fab, via Macenstein