Bell & Ross Phantom Wrist Watch, rugged enough for fighter pilots or ruffians

This dramatic Instrument BR 01 - 94 Phantom Wrist Watch by Bell & Ross looks like the altimeter on a dangerous fighter jet, and in keeping with that design theme, it appears to be rugged enough to survive the rigors of an ejection seat, crash landings, or worse. In the event of a water landing, never mind using that seat cushion for flotation — this timepiece will keep on ticking even if you’re under 330 feet of water.

Pilots behind enemy lines (or hiding under their lovers’ beds waiting for that pesky husband to go away) will be happy to know their position won’t be compromised by this watch — neither reflection of light or radiation is possible, because this is one extremely black carbon fiber dial whose subtly glowing numbers can’t even be picked up by even the most sensitive eyes or radar. It’s one way-cool and mysterious-looking timepiece, available in early April for somewhere between $4000-$6000.

Bell & Ross, via TFTS and CrunchGear