Adobe Photoshop Express launches today for online editing

Adobe announced its intention to create a free, online photo editing application in the fall of last year. Today, Photoshop Express launches for public consumption. It's not much like the computer application of the program, so if you're used to using Photoshop, or even a free software imitation like Seashore with precise number-based controls, you may be disappointed. On the other hand, Photoshop Express offers a lot of options and some freedom— it's easy to use and completely free without requiring a download. The program also teams up with Facebook, MySpace, and Picasa, pulling and letting you edit all the pictures from your online albums there. Go ahead, crop out your exes without taking a single picture off-line.

Right now Photoshop Express offers 2GB of storage, but don't try to upload all your pictures at once: it could be first day jitters, but right now uploading speeds on the site are quite slow. While it's no Photoshop, we expect Photoshop Express will be useful to millions of on-the-go photo posters who want to to upload, crop, straighten, sharpen or distort their photos from public places or without relying on a hard drive.

Photoshop Express, via Gizmodo