A flashlight that hides a submachine gun is terrifying

When you're walking the dog at night and carrying a flashlight, what do you do if you're suddenly attacked by a gang of roving terrorists? If it's a normal flashlight, you swing it wildly and hope that wishing will get you out of harms way. But if you have the FMG-9 flashlight, you hit a switch and spray them all down with the submachine gun that pops out.

Yes, this is a flashlight with a submachine gun hidden inside. It's completely insane and unnecessary unless you happen to be walking your dog in the suburbs of Baghdad, in which case you probably need a flashlight and a gun separately so you can see where you're shooting. In any case, this is merely a proof-of-concept and, thankfully, pocketable flashlight guns won't be seen on store shelves anytime soon.

Milspecmonkey, via GadgetLab