A Bluetooth headset that clings to your neck

If you think Bluetooth headsets provide great functionality but are just too dorky to wear around in public, you're not alone. Bluetooth headsets are downright embarrassing, and many people wouldn't be caught on the street wearing them. But what if someone made a headset that was way, way more unsettling. Would you wear it then?

Witness the Neckset, a Bluetooth headset that wraps around your neck, turning the vibrations coming from your throat into sound. This allows people in noisy environments, such as riding motorcycles or at death-metal concerts, to be heard, as it doesn't pick up sound like a traditional microphone. Of course, you'll be walking around with a device wrapped around your neck that looks like it's choking you. Whether or not that's cooler than an earpiece is for you to decide.

Product Page, via Gadget Lab