Zippo enters 21st century, upgrades lighters

Zippo lighters have etched (or burned) its way into the history of America. These lighters played an important role in World War II when Zippo stopped production for consumers and focused all production for military. Now these lighters are famous and Zippo has finally decided to give the lighters an upgrade to butane with Zippo Blu.

Zippo Blu is a lighter that continues to use a flint. Rather than the traditional Zippo fuel, butane is used to produce a straight, completely wind-resistant blue flame. The lighters have a different shape that classic Zippo lighters, which was a must to maintain the integrity of the classic Zippo. Like the traditional Zippo, Zippo Blu is available in a wide variety of materials, colors and designs with prices ranging from $30 and up.

Zippo Blu, via Uncrate