You like looking at art. This art likes looking back at you.

Artists Golan Levin and Greg Baltus decided to make a work of art that would "invert the condition of spectatorship." The result is the Opto-Isolator, a wall-mounted sculpture with one eyeball that interacts with the person standing in front of it. We're not sure if the art succeeds at inverting the condition of spectatorship, but as a piece of technology it's certainly cool.

The sculpture's eye follows your gaze as you stare at it, but if you look at it too long it averts its gaze "coyly." It also mimics your eyes, blinking exactly one second after you do. The Opto-Isolator's behavior is meant to be at once familiar and unnerving. it seems that the artists have succeeded at least in that respect: in the video it looks like the mouthless sculpture would like nothing more than to eat the spectator for dinner.

via Cube Me