"Flintstone" sink shows what Kohler sinks look like before they're baked

Kohler, the sink company that designs classy shower speakers, the perfect urinal, and incredible faucets, runs a program called Arts/Industry that lets artists tool around in its factory. The latest piece of art/innovation to come out of the program is from conceptual artist Mary Ellen Carroll, decided that she wanted to make a sink that resembles the Styrofoam casing that is usually used to cushion sink molds on their way to being fired.

Apparently the factory's employees thought Carroll was crazy, but nevertheless helped her put together what they call the "Flintstone" sink, a porcelain behemoth that doesn't look much like Kohler's traditional offerings. It's a real high end sink that looks like what a high end sink looks like before it's been molded. We're still trying to get our mind around that one. Meanwhile, Carroll's next project is to flip a house in Texas 180 °.

via Gourmet