When Heck-of-a-Job Brownie fails to fix New Orleans, call in Brad Pitt

We all saw the Katrina disaster as it played out on our TVs, along with the rather feeble Federal response both in the immediate aftermath and the months and years since. Even now, with the news off the front pages, many New Orleans residents are still living in FEMA trailers next to their rotting homes.

While I'm usually quite skeptical of Hollywood actors dabbling in what they see as good causes, part time New Orleans resident Brad Pitt has put his money where his mouth is, spending $5 million of his own money to commission ten prominent architects to design low cost housing for the devastated lower 9th ward. The winning designs from Dutch architect Willy Maas may look pretty funky, but they have been designed to compliment the style of the remaining original homes, while providing protection against future flooding. Whatever, it's got to be better than living in a musty trailer.

From Make it Right, via Radio Netherlands