Veho Film and Slide Converter saves you from grandpa's droning slide shows

The Veho Film and Slide Converter turns 35mm negatives and slides into files that you can store on your computer. Just plug it into your USB port, load in a slide and convert it with a touch of a button. You'll have to do one slide at a time which would be tedious if you have loads of them, but the end result is a digital archive of slides, taken with a 5 megapixel sensor that should make them plenty large for viewing.

At $130, the Veho Film and Slide Converter might seem expensive, but if you have an archaeologist or historian or elderly person who loves to take a trip down memory lane (a slow one, in a dark room, with a collection of slides) in your life, the gadget may just pay for itself in the awkward social situations it saves you from.

Via Brookstone