Universal KP-900 Wireless Keypad does double duty for control freaks

Here's a universal remote that can do it all. The Universal KP-900 Wireless Keypad resides on the wall for controlling your house's lighting, blinds, thermostat, and security systems, and then you can pick it off its wall bracket and take in into the home theater to control all that audio and video in there, too.

Its LCD screen is backlit, but we're wishing its same-size buttons could boast that same feature — it might get a bit tough to tell what button you're pushing in the darkness of your home theater. That might be easy to get used to, though, while you sit back and control up to 255 devices with either infrared (IR) for close proximity gear or radio frequency (RF) for devices that are 100 feet away. Better brace yourself for the price, though, it's going to be $599 when it ships next month.

eCoustics, via Engadget HD