Unicat goes where other RVs only dream

Looking to take a road trip over spring break? If so, why stick to those boring and crowded highways and paved roads, when you can rumble over mountains, through hollows, and down streams in a Unicat expedition vehicle.

The Amerigo International 4x4 is just one of the luxury land yachts in the Unicat fleet, and it can travel 2,000 miles on a full tank. Since it’s classified as an RV, you can put darn near anyone behind the wheel while you lounge in back, with the queen-size bed, working galley, and bathroom. And when you get hopelessly lost, not to worry, a redundant GPS system will lead you out of trouble.

At $600,000, you may need to sell your house to buy this bad boy, but you won’t have to worry about any pesky neighbors if you make it your home. Oh, and be sure to honk and grin widely when you pass those Hummers on their way to the shopping mall.

Via Autoblog