TV Easel props up your flat panel in arty simplicity

Forget all those tacky TV stands you've seen at Best Buy. This simple and adjustable TV Easel by Swedish designer Axel Bjurström, on display at the Stockholm Furniture Fair last week, takes a familiar form and applies it to the task of supporting a flat panel display. Underneath is a shelf for a video source or two, and its ledge is just the right size for LCD or plasma displays from 32-47". It's looking good, too, available in your choice of finishes of natural wood or lacquered in shiny colors to match your abode.

Makes sense: You attach paintings to the wall just as you're expected to do with a flat-screen TV; why not reverse that concept by placing a TV on a easel? Sure beats those atrocious and cheap particle board and glass monstrosities that pass for TV stands that are available at every cut-rate electronics store in the USA.

The TV Easel is in the design concept stage thus far; let's hope something like it makes it to these shores sometime soon, giving us apartment tenants, vagabonds, and nomads a clean-looking alternative to the permanence of hanging a TV on the wall.

via Dezeen