Toshiba rolls out updated Gigabeat, iPod owners snicker

The recent news that Toshiba just put a stake through the heart of the HD DVD format may have distracted you, but don't forget that the company also just announced the launch of a remodeled Gigabeat media player called the T802. The new model offers a larger screen, 8 gigabytes of flash memory, 802.11b/g wireless network connectivity, and the ability to play 5 hours of video and 16 hours of MP3 audio.

Toshiba is also using this player as an opportunity to tout its GyaO video service (think YouTube, Japan style). Touching the screen won't make it go beep, and Steve Jobs disciples will probably laugh at you, but it's yours if you want it for just 29,800 yen ($142) here.

Via Toshiba