TOP waste bins combine like Voltron to strengthen recycling

Sometimes the smallest measures make the biggest impact. These TOP waste bins are designed so that they can hook up to one another and form a more powerful trash-collection train — an easier way to sort garbage than if you have only one bin. They also come with a pad of adhesive labels that'll let you know exactly what refuse to put in which bin, such as glass, metals and biodegradables. At only 9.25 inches wide and holding 25 liter bags each, you can have 100 liters worth of trash sorted in a little more than three feet of space.

TOP waste bins are made by Authentics and designed by Konstantin Grcic. Any number of them can be connected together, and they sell in groups of five for the environmentally-though-not-wallet
-friendly price of $140.

Authentics, via Better Living Through Design