Tokyoflash Shinshoku Watch, another weird way to tell the time of day

Tokyoflash has done it again. Here's Shinshoku, another watch that's not easy to read but probably won't stump that theoretical physicist we challenged with crazy watches once before.

Take a look at the animated pic here, and you can probably figure out how its configuration of 29 super-bright LEDs works. Hey, does this mean our readers are as smart as a theoretical physicist? Yes indeed, dear readers, I believe it to be so.

If this watch didn't look so much like some kind of Klingon restraining device, we'd be ready to pick one up for its $139.50 price. Or maybe if you think of it resembling certain car engine parts, it would be more appealing to you. Either way, people will be asking you what the heck that thing is on your wrist.

Tokyoflash, via Book of Joe