This week in Toast: Avanti combines pop-up toaster and oven with panache

Toaster ovens are so multifunctional, but many argue that they just don't toast bread that well. Additionally, firing up that whole tiny oven for one piece of bread is pretty energy-inefficient— for the most part slot-loading toasters use less electricity and heat more quickly. They just don't do popovers. Avanti decided that consumers shouldn't have to choose between the two technologies— it sells a $70 toaster, the DT502SS, that is a toaster oven and old-fashioned toaster all-in-one.

We were skeptical at first, butWired thinks the DT502SS works pretty well. So go ahead and treat yourself to a popover and a slice of toast: you can now enjoy both without doubling up on appliances.

Avanti via Wired