The coolest (and probably only) new film camera you'll see this year

Tucked away in the back of Fuji's booth at PMA 2008 was an interesting prototype for a 6x7 film camera. With over four times the resolution of 35mm film, 70mm 120/220 roll films have long been the favored film for pros, but it's been decades since reasonably priced consumer models have been manufactured outside the toy-camera world.

Based on a classic design, this as-yet-unnamed camera isn't amazingly innovative, but it seems to be perfectly refined with everything fans of old Ansco/Agfa cameras would expect. Add in the convenience of an electronic shutter and this becomes a pretty interesting concept, considering the rest of it is basically 1950s tech. This was the only new film camera model we ran into at PMA. Fujifilm reps wouldn't comment on pricing or availability, but you can spy a pic of the camera's backside, along with some basic specs, by clicking Continue.


Via Fujifilm