The Web may be a lot smaller than you think, according to survey

With seemingly endless places to visit on this here Internet, you may get the impression that it's infinite — not so, reveals the January 2008 Web Server Survey by Netcraft. As of the first month of this year, the survey measured the size of the Internet to encompass 155,583,825 sites, though less than half of them are active as the majority of the 155 million are hostnames. That's a growth of a mere 354 thousand sites in January, down from an increase of 5.4 million sites in December.

Despite the stunted growth, the survey found that smaller web server software providers like the Apache servers are back on the rise thanks to emerging sites. Apache took a heavy hit when larger providers such as Microsoft and Google reined in a significant amount of blogs and services under their own software.

Netcraft, via The Raw Feed