Teleport 2.0 records phone calls to PC; relive that pizza order whenever you want

If you have a job where you need to record phone calls on a regular basis (like, I don't know… a journalist), it can often mean ending up with piles of tapes or MiniDiscs lying around. Not so with the Teleport 2.0 (how did we miss 1.0?). This arrow-shaped device can record your conversation directly to a PC via USB, at the same time keeping records of the phone numbers and length of the calls. It's said to be compatible with any handset (with caller ID in Russian and American standards), and the software can even automatically redial numbers stored in the phone book.

Hm… that's all handy, I guess, though it sounds like it's probably most useful to people who want to start a telemarketing operation in their basement. That and paranoid spouses. At least the design is pretty cool. You can order yours from the Art Lebedev Studio for the nicely rounded-off price of $71.12.

Via Art Lebedev Studio