Staple-less panda stapler keeps TPS reports together

The StitchLock Panda is a device that may put Swingline out of business forever. If you're completely baffled looking at this device, allow me to explain it to you. The StitchLock Panda is an office tool that "stitches" together up to four sheets of paper. Think of it like a stapler minus the staples, hence the reason for Swingline's demise.

I'm not entirely sure how the stitching is actually done, but you slide the piece of paper underneath the panda's derriere, push down on its head and the panda magically stitches the paper together. Without staples you will no longer need the dangerous staple removers and you can shred with ease. The Panda StitchLock is available for $16.50 from Jbox.

Paper StitchLock Panda