SpinWine Pourer decants wine on its way to the glass

Decanting is such a pain. Do you really want to wait fifteen minutes to an hour for your tannin-filled red wine to aerate? It's one thing if you have a beautiful decanter, but most of us just want to get the cork out, pour the wine, and start drinking. The SpinWIne Pourer is for people who want to reap the benefits of decanting without waiting: it aerates your wine on its way to the glass.

In fact, this little wine spinner claims to do a lot more than that. Its description claims "SpinWine performs a set of complex actions as the wine circulates around the small open cup chamber and through the double helix into your glass. The improvement in flavor and scent occurs because of the structural changes brought about by the unique process."

Color us skeptical. If you could really make wine better quickly with a twisty plastic funnel, wouldn't the word have gotten out by now? If you do want to try improve the "flavor and scent" of your Two-buck Chuck, the SpinWine Pourer costs $58.

via SpinWine