Space Curry from Japan invades International Space Station

Japan's long history of taking something from another country and making the product its own continues this month with the 40th anniversary of the tasty food known as curry arriving on its shores. Today you're just as likely to find a Japanese person munching on a bowl of curry, as you are to find them sipping sake or downing a bowl of ramen.

Space Curry was originally developed in Japan by House Foods for the astronauts living aboard the International Space Station. According to the company, the curry contains a higher calcium content and spicier flavor than Earth-bound varieties. And just in case you're thinking this is a gimmick, keep in mind that Space Curry has been approved by the mighty JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency). You can get your taste of outerspace cuisine for just 2,625 yen ($12.45) here.

Via Japan Times