Save the world or save the insects — choose one

I would have never imagined that a time in my life would come where I'd have to choose between two, very important movements. On one hand I can side with the insect-rights movement who wants ethical treatment of all insects, or I can side with the Al Gore movement who thrives off being green — you know, so the earth doesn't burn to a crisp.

This solar-powered mosquito zapper is forcing us to choose a side. Killing bugs while utilizing sustainable energy, or not killing bugs but not using using renewable energy. Oh why, oh why does my life have to be full of difficult decisions like this? For those that decide to side with the environmentalists, this solar-powered bug zapper is available for $43. For those that would rather side with the insects, enjoy the summer — it's going to suck.

Solar Powered Bug Zapper, via Ecofriend