Retro Sound radio brings new technology to classic design

Cars these days may be filled to the brim with GPS, touchscreens, voice commands, remotes, buttons everywhere, CD, AM/FM, HD Radio, satellite radio and more, but what happened to the olden days when all a car needed was a small deck with a couple big, honkin' knobs? The Retro Sound radio is trying to bring back the feel of some of the greatest cars ever made.

The kicker about the Retro Sound Model One is the two added technological features. This deck includes a mini-USB port for plugging in a variety of USB devices including flash drives. It also has a auxiliary input so any kind of an audio device can be played through your vehicle. While the Retro Sound Model One seems to have been designed with the purpose of giving older cars modern tech, I wouldn't mind putting this retro-looking deck in my current, modern vehicle.

Retro Sound, via Autoblog