RelaxStyle Room Palette Effect lamp takes you to a tranquil undersea world

You’ll be murmuring erstwhile hipster phrases such as “oh, wow” when you fire up your RelaxStyle Room Palette Effect lamp, projecting images of undulating waves onto your ceiling for your relaxation and entertainment. Harried stockbrokers might like the feeling of being just as underwater as their portfolios are, looking up from the bottom of the deep blue sea. Hey, look at it this way: There’s nowhere to go but up. For the more optimistic, rotate the lamp sideways and it’ll look like you’ve installed a waterfall on your wall.

If you really like it a lot, you can set its 120-minute timer to automatically extinguish the light show as you head off to sleepytime land. A cool $69 takes this watery LED lamp home, certain to lower your blood pressure and impress all those chicks clamoring to spend an evening or two in that swank bachelor pad of yours. We’re ordering up two right away.

Japan Trend Shop, via Crave