Raycop handheld vac puts the hurt on all kinds of germs, bugs

Nasty germs, look out. Here comes another weapon against you and your creepy bacterial and microscopic friends. It‘s the Raycop anti-bacterial vacuum, now available in the U.S. and shining its ultraviolet light on all things small and dangerous. Adding to the fun is a serious 360-beat-per-minute vibrator that can shake all those mites and varmints loose from those fibers to which they cling, freeing them up for some serious suckage. As soon as any of those vermin are exposed to the old ultraviol, it’s bye bye, bugs.

Ultraviolet light as germ killer has been getting a lot of play lately, handy for taking down all kinds of things we don’t want around. Take a look at this list of favorite devices for germaphobes we compiled last week, and you’ll see many of the items gain their strength from the purple lights. Too bad this little hand-held Raycop costs $250, but then, what price total cleanliness?

Appliancist, via bb gadgets