Remington PowerMower: Electric mowers go cordless

Remington’s new PowerMower will make you the greenest mower on the block, and turn your neighbors green with envy. It’s a new cordless mower that uses battery power to give you an hour of clean-energy, guilt-free mowing. Of course, if your lawn is overgrown and the 60-volt battery power just isn’t cutting it (oof), then you can plug it in to get the same power as a gas mower would provide. Oh, sure, it's not as cool as the LawnBott, but do you really want to fly your geek flag that high?

The EPA claims that traditional gas-powered mowers produce as much air pollution as 516,000 miles worth of vehicle emissions, so your purchase alone could be responsible for reducing this number to 515,998, or so. At $500, the PowerMower is a pricey tool investment, but when gas costs $50 per gallon (I’m guessing 2010), you’ll be able to laugh at all your neighbors and their filthy, antiquated gas-powered mowers.

Via Remington