Peer Review: Polaroid stops making instant film, critics get shaken up

Just last year we were touted the benefits of getting your loved one an old-fashioned Polaroid camera for Valentines Day. After all, the cameras only cost $30, and they're so much fun. Today, those same cameras cost $140— scarcity has lead to to gigantic opportunistic markups. Polaroid has stopped making the cameras, and last week the company announced that it would stop manufacturing instant film altogether.

Yes, Polaroid is laying off 450 people, abandoning the product that made it famous, and breaking thousands of hearts along the way. Of course, the technology won't disappear entirely: Fuji will continue to make instant film. And soon there may be tiny digital photo printers that achieve similar results to the old-fashioned Polaroid. They just won't make that same satisfying click and whirr. After the jump, requiems for a dying technology from around the web.

Everything we love is quietly dying
"First the CW cancels Girlfriends without telling us, and now Polaroid is taking away their famous instant photo cameras with hardly a whisper. Ever notice that when there's a new type of flatscreen or a $50 hamburger, it's all over the news, but when they take stuff away from us, we find out from minimum wage electronics employees?" , Connie Talk

Calm down, people, this nostalgia is unseemly
"There's no room for sentiment when technology claims another victim (except maybe for the 450 Polaroid film employees worldwide)." , The Manchester Evening News

But Polaroid changed British crime fiction irrevocably!
"As a mass medium, the technology was barely in its 40s, which means it outlived the fax and the VCR, but it still feels too soon… The device also visibly changed crime and thriller fiction by ending the inevitable existence of two separate sets of images — negatives and prints — which had driven numerous blackmail and break-in plots." , The Guardian

An important pop song is being made incomprehensible and obsolete
"Polaroids are incredibly awesome and future generations will have no idea WTF "shake it like a Polaroid picture" will mean when Outkast comes on the oldies station. "Hey Ya!" will be irrelevant. Do we really want that?!" , Ego Sermo, Vos Audio

The film still has a real, professional market. It's not going anywhere
"There will still be a thriving market for 4x5 film for view cameras. Nothing in their digital product lineup fills a distinct niche the way that film does. If Polaroid don't want to keep supplying that market, then someone else certainly will. When that happens, Polaroid will realise that they've sold off the family jewels." , Scotland's Sunday Herald

If Laurence Olivier loved it, it should never die
"Another day, another innocent pleasure trembles on the edge of extinction… Polaroids retain a kind of magic, and arguably more than a hint of modernity… this is still the only product that Laurence Olivier agreed to endorse." , The Times (UK)

Porn's moved from Polaroid to the Internet
"I haven't seen an amateur porn polaroid in a while. Obviously this is obsolete technology. The porn has spoken." , Digg

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