Palm-Z RC Airplane outperforms the puny RC helicopters

So you must think you are king of the miniature RC helicopters? It's time to brush up on your flying skills because there is a new miniature RC flying toy around and it's the Palm-Z Silverlit Mini RC Indoor Airplane.

This tiny styrofoam airplane has the same, if not more maneuverability than its helicopter brethren. The Palm-Z uses rechargeable lithium polymer batteries and will fly upwards of seven minutes with a 10 minute charge time. The styrofoam body allows for hard landings without damage. You may be the king of the party by hovering those puny helicopters around your home, but just wait until someone decides to show you up with an airplane.

The Palm-Z is available for $30. Click through to see a video of it in action.

Palm-Z Silverlit Mini RC Indoor Airplane