One-Click Recorder is perfect for the lazy boss, professor

The One-Click Recorder from Sharper Image is the ideal accessory for the teacher or boss that would prefer to sleep during lectures or presentations. One-Click is a tiny and obscure microphone. It plugs into the line-in on your laptop and is capable of recording audio and visuals synced together. So you can build your own presentations synced seamlessly and professionally.

For the extra engaging boss or teacher, the included One-Click software allows annotations to be added to the presentations to give a little bit of that personal flair to a presentation. All you have to do is fire up the software, push play, put your head down and wait for it to be over. Hell, forget about the class or presentation and just e-mail out the synced presentation to all of the employees or students and hit up Happy Hour. The One-Click Recorder is available from Sharper Image for $60.

One-Click Recorder