NuMetrex sports bra tracks the heart rate

It's not often that we get to cover the latest and greatest in bra technology, but now NuMetrex has given me the opportunity with its heart-rate tracking sports bra. The lower band in this bra contains electron sensors that will detect and calculate the heart rate on the fly. From there the band has a wireless transmitter that will beam the information to a watch worn on the wrist so you can keep track of the heart rate to maximize your workout. The bra itself sells for $50 and the entire kit including the bra, transmitter and watch sells for $100. The F6, a more advanced package, sells for $150 and can also monitor calories and fat burned.

No worries about washing the NuMetrex bra either because it can be machine laundered up to 100 times before the electronics get a little wonky. The is available in five different colors and if you order razzleberry or red NuMetrex will donate $5 to the American Heart Association.

Heart Rate Monitor Sports Bra, via Popgadget